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  • Musical Merchandise Review (MMR) magazine has announced the results of its 2021 ‘Dealer’s Choice Awards’, naming Gator ‘Accessory Line of the Year’

    Each year the magazine surveys musical instrument retailers across North America, inviting dealers to vote for their favorite products in a range of categories. Winners in each category receive the celebrated ‘Dealer’s Choice Award’ from MMR, along with the satisfaction of being honored as one of the musical instrument industry’s finest brands and products. Gator has been honored with an award from MMR Accessory Line of the Year! We are so thankful for our dealers and distributors who voted for us this year and look forward to a prosperous 2022! Keep your guitar in close proximity with the Gator Frameworks Desk Clamping Guitar Rest, making recording and music lessons easier than ever! …

  • Gator OEM Solutions – Top 10 Foam Technology Solution Companies-2021

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  • Guitar World’s Ultimate Holiday Gear Guide

    Get the holiday gear fires burning with the final installment of Guitar World’s Holiday Ultimate Gear Guide Check out the video: https://www.guitarworld.com/news/get-the-holiday-gear-fires-burning-with-the-final-installment-of-guitar-worlds-holiday-ultimate-gear-guide ICON Series Gig Bags Features include a weather-resistant exterior and a plush, micro-velvet interior with ergonomically-designed body blocks; reinforced front, back and side carry handles; and an exterior pop-out luggage tag and serialized QR code to help you keep track of your instrument during travel. There’s also added foam footing on the heel of the bag and heavy-duty, padded backpack straps for maximum comfort for shoulders and back. The ICON is available for electric, bass, dreadnought and 335-style guitars, and will keep your instrument safe so you can …

  • Gator Adds New Flute-Piccolo Mask to Instrument Mask and Bell Cover Offerings

    Tampa, FL,- In its continued commitment to protecting musicians, bands, singers, music educators, and students, Gator has released the flute and piccolo mask to help stop the spread of aerosols during performances. All of Gator’s PPE offerings are specifically designed to follow recommendations from the NFHS’ (National Federation of State High Schools) performing arts aerosol study.  Gator is the leading brand of cases, stands and support system solutions for the music, pro-AV, creative pro, IT, and general utility industries. We have over 1000 different solutions made from vacuum-formed plastics, rotational-molded plastics, wood, sewn, and EVA materials. Leveraging our expertise in case design and manufacturing, Gator has a complete OEM division that works …

  • Gator Cases’ Fret Mutes a Game-Changing Guitar Accessory

    Tampa, FL – The number of guitarists has boomed worldwide in just the past year and a half. No matter if they are new to the instrument or not, guitarists are searching for a great way to take their playing to the next level. Enter Gator Cases’ game-changing guitar accessory, the Guitar Fret Mutes.Guitar Fret Mutes are unique as they give guitarists an option for suppressing overtones and sympathetic resonance of open strings during certain guitar techniques. “The most important reason why someone would use a Fret Mute is to clean up their playing when doing technical runs like tapping and sweet picking,” said Gator Artist Thomas Griggs, a rising …

  • In Stock and Ready to Ship: Gator’s Holiday Gift Guide Has Something for Everyone

    Tampa, FL – Disruptions in the supply chain have made national headlines with no signs of slowing down. That makes having products available this holiday season even more important. Thankfully, Gator Cases, Gator Frameworks and Levy’s are coming through in spades, offering a plethora of great new products available for the guitarist or pro audio enthusiast in mind to bring plenty of holiday cheer. “We know that customers are worried about getting what they want in time for the holidays and we adjusted our product and inventory plans to ensure customers had great options to complete their wish lists,” said Rob McCoy, Product Management Director for Gator Co., the parent company …


    Give your guitar the protection it deserves with the new ICON bag by Gator Cases. Tampa, FL – As we start making our holiday wish lists, Gator Cases has the perfect gig bag that protects like a case, the ICON. It is a guitarist’s best friend. Gator is the leading brand of bags, cases, stands and support system solutions for the music, audio-visual, creative pro, and general utility industries. This bag passed multiple extreme tests to ensure this bag can withstand serious conditions. View the full product video here. The ICON gig bag is currently available for electric, bass, dreadnaught and 335 style guitars. Traveling from gig to gig can be …

  • Gator Cases Unveils GL Band Series Redesign

    PRESS RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tampa, FL – Gator Cases makes it effortless to protect and carry your instrument in style with the newly redesigned GL Band Series. “When we reached out to end users in this category, we quickly realized that they were not big fans of all-black cases,” said Rob McCoy, Gator’s Product Management Director. “Our design team has evolved this design over a few years based on feedback from our customers. We are super excited to show off this new look to some old favorites!” The GL series cases are made of lightweight nylon with a plush covered foam interior for premium protection. The interlocking handles and …

  • Gbellcvr Gbom Trumpet1


    Tampa, FL – In its commitment to protect musicians, bands, singers, music educators, and students, Gator designed instrument and face mask solutions that follow recommendations from the NFHS’ (National Federation of State High Schools) performing arts aerosol study. “We wanted to be very thorough and thoughtful in our research and development, so we connected directly with NFHS on their scientific studies to ensure our product adhered to data-driven recommendations,” said Crystal Morris, CEO of Gator Co., “Gator was attentive to our recommendations from the International Performing Arts Aerosol Study,” said James Weaver, NFHS Director of Performing Arts and Sports and Study Chair. “They took a listen-test-and-learn approach to create products that effectively address the …

  • Best-keyboard-cases

    Rolling Stone – The Best Keyboard Cases to Keep Your Instrument Safe

    Gator cases take the #1 and #3 spots for best keyboard cases. 1. Gator Cases Molded Flight Case Soft-shell cases get the job done for safe storage and local travel, but if you’ll be flying or touring, go for this absolute beast of a case from Gator. Maybe its best feature of all: the recessed inline wheels. It may seem like a simple add-on to include, but it’s a lifesaver when moving it long distances, like when your’e in a major airport trying to reach your gate. The case’s exterior is molded with extremely tough polyethylene, and its interior is padded throughout, creating a comfy space for your keyboard to …

  • Elite-furniture

    Press Release – Elite Furniture

    Tampa, FL – Gator Frameworks is excited to launch its new Elite Studio Furniture line, which raises the bar with its elegant, innovative, and highly functional design.  “We were inspired to create products for our fans and customers to solve the current challenges they were facing in their creative space,” said Rob McCoy, Product Management Director of Gator Co. “They wanted a workspace that performed well and looked great, and because so many people are converting their home spaces to work spaces, we designed stylish and functional solutions that would enhance their living space.” The new line includes a studio main desk, a corner piece, rack side-car table, and two keyboard tables. All are available in three high-quality wood finishes and available to buy as individual pieces or as a set to enhance any studio or home setting.  Elite Furniture Collection: – Studio Desk (GFW-ELITEDESK) – ergonomic workstation ideal for podcasts, …

  • Rotomolding2

    What is Rotomolding and What Can You Make With It?

    Rotomolding, formally known as “rotational molding” is the thermo plastic molding process that is best used for creating large container like products, such as coolers and containers.  In order to create a product using the rotomolding process, a  hollow mold filled with material, ideally resin that is from a natural source and has never been used before. This is is known as “virgin”material. The hollow mold is then heated and slowly rotated, causing the softened material to expand and stick to the walls of the mold. What seperates the good rotomolders from the great is their ability to handle the product and process past this point. While most molders will only mold, fewer …


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