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I accidentally dropped my 40 year old Gibson SG all the way down the stairs. I freaked out but when I opened the case... 

Loving my Gator TSA Bass case! Toured all over the U.S. and now in Australia touring with peace of mind knowing that my bass will be just fine. 

Holy Moly! Good Job Gator! Great quality guitar stand and looks sharp. Money well spent, which is a great feeling. I couldn't be more satisfied. 

My Gator Rolling Rack Bag is the perfect travel companion for the Axe FX. It keeps it safe, dry, and ready to roll straight off the airplane onto the stage! 

Just got a Gator with my new Spector and I've got to say never have I had such a well made case!

I use Gator Cases to hold my mixer and it works absolutely great! Some of the best quality out there for drummers. I recommend them to everyone!

I still use Protechtor Cases I got 20 years ago. From vans, trailers, trucks, buses and airplanes, they've seen their share of abuse and always hold up and keep my stuff safe

When my drums were in our bands trailer, one of the speakers fell and hit my cases but I was glad to see they were unharmed!

Wanted to say how much I enjoy your cases and the great quality...I've been using them all over the world and they are the best by far...

My guitar case with my guitar in it got ran over by my friends car. I opened it and not even a scratch on the guitar 

I just bought my first GATOR case from Musicians Friend and it's awesome!! So light but so strong! I LOVE IT.

I've toured all over the world and have always felt that my equipment and instruments have had great protection with Gator Cases!

I’ve been so impressed with Gator, I’m upgrading to G-Tour cases to protect the rest of my gear. Well done.

When it comes time to hit the road, I trust the safety of my vintage amps to Gator Cases 

Gator Cases provides my drums and studio gear with the best protection during my heavy touring! 

I've had Protechtor since '93 and after 17 years of touring throughout the world, my cases are still holding strong! 

Dollar for dollar...Gator Cases are simply THE BEST!

I've been using Gator Cases' Protechtor Line Classic Series for more than twenty years now and they've taken care of my drums while traveling all around the world.

I have the GM-15 15 microphone case. It is the perfect solution to mic storage and transportation.

I have no doubt it is due to the durability and quality construction of the Gator cases, my equipment survived a fall from the back of a moving truck.

I own 2 Gator cases. These things have been through so much abuse and keep on ticking. They have been dropped and rolled around in mud and rocks not a single scratch!

We were relieved to find this case for our new wireless microphone system, it is like it was taylor made for our Sennheiser vocal mic!

My son's sax flew off the top of our car at 70 miles/hour. The case had a few tears, but the sax was perfectly fine!

Before I got my Gator DrumCart, I would have had to make a million trips back and forth hauling my many pieces of hardware. Now I just load it all

I use Protechtor Case for my drums all over the world for sessions gigs and tours.

I recommend Gator to anyone who is looking for a resistant, beautiful and lightweight case!

The light weight of your cases resulted in over one ton of saved freight charges!

Gator has proven itself time and time to me working gigs and sound production - they deliver!

The Gator G-MIX 17X18 case has saved my Makie mix several different times when one of my guys have accidentally dropped it...

Your GL-DREAD fits my guitar like a glass slipper!

With Gator's rolling flight cases, I can now sleep at ease knowing that when we move our precious equipment around they are protected from not only the elements but

When I was looking for bags to protect my vintage Gon Bop Conga and Tumba, I found the Gator Conga bags to be the perfect remedy!

I have a full case set-up for drums...these are the best!!

Being in a band that tours constantly, we need protection for our gear that can withstand constant abuse. Gator Cases have road worthy construction with simplistic design that puts us at ease,

I have been using a G-212A amplifier transporter/stand weekly since last year and I really like the convenience.