+ Pedal Boards and Stands

  • My Gator Rolling Rack Bag is the perfect travel companion for the Axe FX. It keeps it safe, dry, and ready to roll straight off the airplane onto the stage! 

    Mike Schleilbaum - Darkest Hour

  • Just got a Gator with my new Spector and I've got to say never have I had such a well made case!

    Eric Steven Achee - Brandon, MS

  • I use Gator Cases to hold my mixer and it works absolutely great! Some of the best quality out there for drummers. I recommend them to everyone!

    Ryan Burdette

  • I still use Protechtor Cases I got 20 years ago. From vans, trailers, trucks, buses and airplanes, they've seen their share of abuse and always hold up and keep my stuff safe

    Stephen Belans

  • When my drums were in our bands trailer, one of the speakers fell and hit my cases but I was glad to see they were unharmed!

    Curtis Ray

  • Wanted to say how much I enjoy your cases and the great quality...I've been using them all over the world and they are the best by far...

    Seymour W. Duncan

  • My guitar case with my guitar in it got ran over by my friends car. I opened it and not even a scratch on the guitar 

    Daniel Stevanoff

  • I just bought my first GATOR case from Musicians Friend and it's awesome!! So light but so strong! I LOVE IT.

    David Augst

  • I've toured all over the world and have always felt that my equipment and instruments have had great protection with Gator Cases!

    Lisa Brigantino

  • I’ve been so impressed with Gator, I’m upgrading to G-Tour cases to protect the rest of my gear. Well done.

    Danny Shamess